Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fantastic Planet and Jonas Burgert

Fantastic Planet is a french film from the 70's based on the Stefan Wul Novel, Oms en Série. It is a visual and conceptual journey about the power of knowledge. It is a thought provoking, psychedelic allegory that is as timely as it is aesthetically relevant. I would love to see this remade today.

(Watch the entire piece on youtube).

The images reminded me immediately of the Berlin artist, Jonas Burgert.

Burgert is likely one of the most talented painters around today. His work is mystifying, beautiful and inspiring (Fever Ray's 'If I Had a Heart' video?). His current show is "Hitting Every Head," at the Haunch of Venison in London. Maybe he could take a crack at the Fantastic Planet remake?

Seriously though; am I right?


  1. yes it would be cool to see this artist remake fp, but on the other hand, i would rather it be remade by some people whove made blockbuster films and really make it come to life like how they made star trek really come to life, or how avatar makes you feel like the whole thing is really somewhere out there, like its real, of course the movie would have to be CG but thats what i would want it to be, i wouldnt want it to be a cartoon. with such advanced computer generated graphics we have these days id love to see fantastic planet remade