Monday, December 7, 2009

Frankenstein + 7

*EDIT: this is the N+7.

Envelope regiment exposition return glowing navigator embroidery conspiracy renovating resolved sleet vial wildness stream madness mange determined fact germ luggage gash chick reverential reverently destination animate navigator thief scope onion died departure studies elementary dribble zinc prompt phlegm lifeless mayonnaise worm moor credits speaker host freedom trembled concealing experience silver sidetrack yield neglected ugly heaven levy creek hilt writer mouth murdered filth pity frightful imbecile gun gravy gore insanity blackest condemned ignominy acknowledged spa hunch figure revolution tentacle savage occupy tournament pipe spleen begone abhor hurdle announcement fishmonger breeder work huff employee extinguished compatriot consumption sympathized follow reception lark affected enraptured listened creed remainder minister prove pronunciation hoard land parcel lost monstrous cursed despot preposition condemned speaker arose rainfall heartless supermarket meditate eternal fig deformed denial keepsake persuade gleam consume bog blind tally tax magazine oilfield being judo blouse intention sage pursued squalid forehand ladder soul virgin applicant applause refrigerator gushed condiment excitement cosmonaut succeeded loathing mist accountant ghastly procedure limb lived alas sector coupon lowland free benefactor comply relapse brigade fluorescent realist expire vain bodily dance ambassador loose barbarous movement hem dryer nipple toilet struck font vengeance moor imperialist escape China marathon cat blamable balancing steeple representation merchandise criterion energy

Would the epiphenomenal treatment performed on Frankenstiein work in reverse? After changing all the nouns around, could we work backwards and have a different artist write a page of prose for each word, in light of all the words, and come up with a new, coherent text?

Perhaps works like Marco Brambilla's Civilization are good examples of this.

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