Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Parallax View

"There is an entire series of modes of parallax in different domains of modern theory:

quantum physics

[Clemens Jahn photography]
(the wave-particle duality)

The parallax of neurobiology

(the realization that, when we look behind the face into the skull, we find nothing; "there's no one at home" there, just piles of grey matter – it is difficult to tarry with this gap between meaning and the pure Real).

The parallax of ontological difference

[Ad Reinhardt]
(Of the discord between the ontic and the transcendental-ontological (we cannot reduce the ontological horizon to its ontic "roots," but neither can we deduce the ontic domain from the ontological horizon; that is to say transcendental constitution is not creation).

The parallax of the Real

[Collage by Brion Nuda Rosch]
(the Lacanian Real has no positive-substantial consistency, it is just the gap between the multitude of perspectives on it)

The parallax nature of the gap between desire and drive

[New track/visuals from Flying Lotus via twitter]
(let us imagine an individual trying to perform a simple manuel task--say, grab an object which repeatedly eludes him: the moment he changes his attitude, starting to find pleasure in just repeating the failed task, squeezing the object which, again and again, eludes him, he shifts from desire to drive)

The parallax of the unconscious

[Photo by Daniel Sannwald]
(The lack of common measure between the two aspects of Freud's theoretical edifice, interpretations of the formations of the unconscious and theories of drives)

Last and least -- the parallax of the vagina

(the shift from the ultimate object of sexual penetration, the embodiment of the mystery of sexuality, to the very organ of maternity [birth])."

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