Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nature After 'After Nature'

Maybe there's some kind of evolutionary cause, or some kind of genetic tick –- or side effect –-, but the human desire to recreate the complex, unintentional patterns of nature is astounding.

Tara Donovan
is a brooklyn based artist who works with staples of human design, i.e. pencils, drinking straws, styrofoam cups, assembling natural landscapes that invoke images bacteria beneath a microscope or a mossy field.

Non-format'sinnovative "Peroxide" campaign is just one of the many digital invocations of nature. Combining photography and digital images, the result is a kind of interstellar milkshake: the natural kind.

Likely the purest and most digitally transcendental example of the manifestation of nature in digital art is that of Commonwealth Design Studio. With their lard series, Commonwealth not only captures the idiosyncrasies of nature in a digital schematic, but were able to reproduce these beautiful pieces in the physical world.

These brooklyn based designers reek of innovation. Their work is both beautiful and inspiring in way that convinces me I am living in an age where Rembrandt is a furniture designer.

If their work looks familiar, you may recognize the masks from Timothy Saccenti's show, The Garden of Unearthly delights (just a few posts down).

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