Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tauba Auerbach

Besides the obvious aesthetic beauty that Auerbach produces in her captivatingly deadpan works, what makes her so mystifyingly fascinating? I am reminded of Rainer Maria Rilke and his invention of the 'thing-poem.' He, working closely under the influence of Rodan, thought that a poet could produce a poem that was a kind of thing that you could hold and examine. Auerbach turns that on its head by reaching into our most geometrical constructs for perception and pulling out... things.

Her art, like that of Rilke's, is a move from the metaphysical to the physical. Her paintings, sculptures, prints and photographs all embody the a priori places in us that lack a place in our material world. Her work on the digital world is the same. Auerbach takes the intangible world of waves and distortions and captures them in a way that demands contemplation.


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